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What is Revegetation?
Simply put, it is the re-greening of our beautiful rock on all levels of stratification (soil to canopy). The greens are an incredibly important part of our ecosystem. Without them our planet would be uninhabitable. Human methods of growing food and maintaining properties a...

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Freaking right out!
#choppedandscrewed #floraporn greeting cards are ready to roll and will be available at the #COG free seed exchange and beyond. Blank on the inside for you to write whatever may float your boat to your homies. The flowers you see on these cards were shot @ the #hausofmellife...

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Metal prints starting at $62 (11x14)
Photography by yours truly taken in and around #CentOr πŸ“Έ a portion of the proceeds from the sale of all photography by #ghy is allocated to the #ghyagardens fund.
#revegetationgeneration #feelthewilds #ghyagardens #photosonphotos

#ringsntings saucer 9$.
Hand painted by yours truly. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of handcrafted products from #ghy is allocated to the #ghyagardens fund. What is is #ghyagardens you ask? It's a piggy bank used to purchase materials (clay, seeds, bactifeed, compost) to make #fbombs to ...

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Birds at the #hausofmellifera mowing down a buffet of seeds and insects during summer of eighteen. Because if you #feedthesoil and #leavethedebris then #revegetate to create healthy #insecthabitat and #feedpollinators whilst you #leavetheseeds to help #feedthebirds who help #spreadtheseeds and wh...

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Sound up! A little buzz pollination for your Friday.
#dreamingofspring #countdowntospring #buzzpollination #fuzzylilthangs

Botanical Coasters-set of 4


Hand painted by yours truly with burlap backing to protect your table tops. 2$ from this purchase gets grand-slammed into the #ghyagardens fund.

Countdown to spring. I could watch this dance all day.
#revegetationgeneration #plantsex #icouldnttrimit #50secondsoffloraporn #rollthatbeautifulbeefootage #californiapoppies



  • Fbombs

    In lieu of payment for clay pellets (#fbombs) for sowing, we ask that you pay it forward to keep the seeds going via donation or by purchasing #ghyagarden products. All seeds are GMO free and are purchased through sustainable companies. Please contact us for information on rolled flower flavors. You can also check our posts or Instagram @gohiveyourself.
  • Consultation

    What areas do you want to return the wilds of nature? Let's collaborate on how we can do more by doing less and restore insect balance on your property.

Heat Wraps

  • 17" neck wrap-lavender

    17" long microwaveable and freezable wrap. 2$ from the sale of this product gets dropped in the #ghyagarden fund.
  • 22" wrap-lavender

    Same girth with 5 more inches of heat. Huzzah! I like to use this one as a pre-entrance bed warmer in the area of my ice cold feet. 2$ from the sale of this product gets dunked into the #ghyagarden fund...Clyde the Glide style.
  • Ovy-Cozy

    A warm hug for your angry uterus. This product was designed by yours truly to hit all the areas affected by menstrual cramping at once. Is also great for shoulders. Available in lavender only. 2$ from the sale of this product gets plopped in the #ghyagarden fund.

Art & Photography

  • Blank greeting cards

    Pack of 5 super rad greeting cards (envelope included) with photography by yours truly. The inside is blank for you to write an assortment of sassy, cold-blooded, and sarcastic notes to your homies. All photography was taken around Central Oregon. $2 from this purchase gets plopped into the #ghyagarden fund.
  • Botanical Coasters-set of 4

    Hand painted by yours truly with burlap backing to protect your table tops. 2$ from this purchase gets grand-slammed into the #ghyagardens fund.
  • Rings n' tings saucers

    Hand painted jewelry saucers. Comes in many color variations. 1$ from this purchase is allocated to the #ghyagardens fund.

Ovunque Spritz

  • Lavender Gussie Mae

    Heavily scented lavender-blend spritz crafted from Oregon based essential oil companies. $2 from this purchase gets dunked into the #ghyagarden fund.

PureNectar Honey ****honey availability will be posted via our feeds.

  • 8 oz

    Filtered, raw honey.
  • 16 oz

    Filtered, raw honey.
  • Honeycomb

    Price is per ounce.

How we roll, homies.

We at Go Hive Yourself intend on making the world a better place one wild space at a time by encouraging folks to give their landscape back to nature. More specifically, to encourage the restoration of the vegetation and soil ecosystem. We can truly be the change for not just bees, but all insects and birds by doing less on our properties and relearning how to share space. All garden projects or #ghyagardens are free of charge via pay-it-forward. When you purchase one of our home-crafted products, a portion of the proceeds gets dropped into our #ghyagardens fund. We then use this fund to purchase materials for #fbombs (clay pellets in honor of Masanobu Fukuoka) made specifically for revegetation to be used for school and residential projects. We also raise honeybees, catch swarms, and harvest limited quantities of #purenectar honey.Β 

*Brand, all photography & content, are property of Go Hive Yourself LLC and Jennifer Sawyer.Β Β 

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